3 Tips for First Time Homebuyers

With the new year coming up, it is often the goal of many families in the upcoming year to buy a house. However, it can be an intimidating feat during the holiday season to buy or sell a house, but don’t let that deter you from reaching your goals. Here are 3 tips for first-time homebuyers to guarantee you have a smooth journey from start to finish.

1.     Maintain Your Credit

When you apply for mortgage preapproval, lenders will pull your credit report. They will also do it again before you close on the house and its corresponding mortgage, so now is not the time to open a new line of credit. Also, be sure to continue paying your bills on time during this period. Don’t attempt to influence your credit rating because lenders want to see that your behavior patterns are consistent and reliable.


2.     Stick to Your Budget

It is common for first-time homebuyers to get too invested in a home only to find that they can’t get the loan for it and end up disappointed. Don’t let your emotions lead over your decisions over your budget and remember to save for things like repairs and renovations. The right home is out there for you, so keep searching until you find a home that fits your budget and your list of desires within a dream home.


3.     Prepare for Closing

Once the seller has accepted your offer, there is a lot to be done before you close, like getting a home appraisal, completing the inspection, and completing paperwork related to your loan. On closing day, the legal and financial paperwork will be needed to be completed, and your lender will provide you with a breakdown of all costs prior to closing.


Make sure that there are no changes to your financial status during this time to help the closing process move more efficiently. In addition, make sure all documents are read, and that you real estate agent or attorney explained anything you don’t understand.



There is a lot to remember about buying a home for the first time, but with the help of the experts at Galaxy Lending Group, you and your family will be in your home in no time. Galaxy Lending Group takes the stress out of home buying and refinancing by delivering great loans with affordable rates and fees to customers like you. Contact us today to learn more!