Benefits to Selling Your Home During the Holidays

While the thought of selling your home during the holidays may reduce your holiday joy and festivities, consider the advantages. Typically thought to be a poor time to put your home on the market, when it comes to the holidays the ideal time to sell your home is in the spring. Many homebuyers settle down and focus on family or the holidays during the winter months, and buying a new home isn’t on their primary agenda. However, putting your home on the market around the holidays isn’t necessarily a bad idea.

The holiday season has its benefits, and some serious buyers are ready to close the deal ASAP. Other reasons include lower inventory during the holidays, so therefore a higher price may be included in the deal. Also, during the holidays, you can make your house comfy and homey, to spark an emotional connection for the buyer. Lastly, another reason to put your home on the market during the holidays is for potential buyers to consider job transfers and end-of-year tax breaks.

Home Inventory Decline

Inventory typically picks up in the spring as the weather gets warmer and can lead to price wars in coveted and sought-after neighborhoods. While these houses may go fast, it doesn’t mean that during the holidays, people aren’t still browsing the market. In fact, homes listed around the holidays may collect more money, even if the inventory is limited due to lack of competition.


While some sellers see it as added stress to their lives, other sellers may see the opportunity. Serious buyers won’t have a hefty list of homes to choose from, so there will be more attention on your property.


Serious Winter Buyers

Buyers during the holidays tend to be more motivated and serious. Anyone house hunting during the holidays must have a good reason for doing so. Working with an agent to target buyers on a deadline is a great way to sell your home fast during the holidays, because both the seller and the buyer are looking to get back to their normal holiday plans.


Holiday Festivities and the Feels

The holidays are usually centered around families and friends gathering around to celebrate in a cozy manner, and homeowners who put their houses on the market have an opportunity to make their houses comfy and homey. By doing this, potential buyers can envision themselves living here.


And emotions play a role in the purchase, as buyers tend to be more emotional during the holidays and may be more likely to decide to purchase based on how the house makes them feel.


Also, festive neighborhoods tend to be more inviting. One of the staples of the holidays are homes adorned with festive lights and decorations. People purchasing a home during this time may see the neighborhood in a different light, more festive and upbeat, and may be more willing to move to a cheerful neighborhood than not.


End-of-Year Tax Breaks

Reducing the property tax bill link may not be the main reason buyers purchase a new home, but it could be why serious buyers are interested during the holidays. That’s because buyers can deduct the mortgage interest, property taxes, and interest costs of the loan if the sale closes on or before December 31. New tax laws limit the deduction, but tax benefits could still cause a buyer to move during the holidays instead of waiting.



Overall, if you do your research, stage your home, and price it right, you could attract the perfect buyer this holiday season. At Galaxy Lending Group, we know the best ways to sell your home. And if you want to make an offer on the home, we can help you score the home of your dreams too! Contact us today and apply now for a loan application!