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At Galaxy Lending Group, we offer a myriad of mortgage products and home loan solutions in Arizona, from standard lending options to specialty loans, adjustable-rate loans, and more. You can make your dream home a reality, no matter what that dream entails. And we’ll be beside you every step of the way to ensure that you get the right loan for your needs, no matter what that means.

Our ability to work with several types of lending products sets us apart from the competition. You can experience the Galaxy Difference firsthand when you contact us to get the ideal loan that includes affordable rates and fees. In a world full of sharks and self-focused lenders, Galaxy offers responsible, reputable lending solutions.

At Galaxy Lending Group, we make sure that you get all the information and support that you need for your mortgage process, alleviating your stress and helping you get better rates and home loans than you might be able to find with another lender or bank on your own.

Check out all the ways that Galaxy Lending Group can help Arizona homeowners with financing. Contact us to discuss your path to homeownership!

Conventional Home Loan Arizona 101: The “Standard”

An Arizona conventional home loan can be a good choice for people who have good credit and the available down-payment to match their budget. These loans are more difficult to get these days, due to increased strictness with lending practices after the housing bubble broke back in the early 2000s.

Conventional home loans are available with fixed or adjustable interest rates. Most people will find they get better terms with an adjustable mortgage. However, depending on your credit, you can find a host of options and Galaxy Lending Group will be there to help you every step of the way.

And, if a conventional loan isn’t for you, ask us how we can help with other Arizona lending needs, from Scottsdale construction loans and refinancing to non-traditional loans and more.

ARM Loans vs. Fixed-Rate Loans

One of the biggest decisions you’ll have to make is whether you choose a fixed-rate loan or an adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM) loan. When it comes to home loans, Arizona residents will be presented with multiple rate and term options, in most cases. When you work with our Galaxy Lending Group team, we can help you find some of the most competitive adjustable rate loans Scottsdale has to offer so that you can finally buy the home of your dreams.

Is an adjustable mortgage better than a fixed rate? That ultimately depends on what you need. At Galaxy Lending Group, we’ll help you decide which loan is right for you so that you can get the home financing that you need.

Adjustable mortgages may have a lower rate at first, but they are subject to fluctuation over time. There will be rules and terms governing how often rates can change, what factors influence whether they can change, and other factors. Fixed rates may be a bit higher, but they’ll be fixed for the entire life of the loan, which means you never have to worry about a spike in interest rates because of a market downturn.

Count on Galaxy for the tailored solution you need for home loans in Scottsdale and the surrounding areas.

Mortgage Refinancing in Arizona: Your Source for the Competitive Refi Rates and More

Galaxy Lending Group takes pride in offering an array of products and solutions for mortgage refinancing situations that Scottsdale homeowners bring to us, making it easy for everyone to get what they need. When it comes to home loan refinancing, we’re your first choice, offering years of industry experience and plenty of expertise to ensure that you get a competitive mortgage for your situation, no matter what that might be.

Refinancing is a great choice for Arizona homeowners who have a decent amount of equity in their homes and who have improved their credit or financial situation since the original mortgage. It’s easier to refinance into better rates after a few years than to wait for a better initial loan, in many cases. This can be especially true for people who need to buy a home now and might not have the time to wait.

No matter why you’re considering a refinance, Galaxy Lending Group can walk you through the process and ensure that this is the right choice for your situation. And if it’s not, we’ll discuss the other options available and what else we can do to help. If you have reasonable credit and the necessary resources to prove you can afford the mortgage, we can often find a solution for you.

Refinancing can help you get a lower monthly payment, lower interest rates, and even get a line of credit or loan taken against the equity of the home. Then, you’ll be assigned a new mortgage payment amount to repay the new loan. Sometimes, it’s also a good idea to refinance during certain periods of economic prosperity, or as a result of a divorce or separation of a partnership of some kind. In any case, if you think it’s your solution, our team will be here to guide you every step of the way.

Home Construction Loans for Scottsdale Residents

We also offer a selection of home construction loans Scottsdale residents can use to spruce up their homes, build new construction, or do a major overhaul or renovation. Again, as with all of our lending products, we work hard to provide an array of solutions that deliver the perfect solution. Construction loans are different from mortgage loans and often have a lot more variables involved. If, however, new construction is what you want, it’s definitely the way to go.

We can help you learn all about home construction loans in Arizona and how you can use them to build your dream home once and for all. You might even choose a construction loan for a renovation or remodeling project, as opposed to taking out an equity loan or line of credit against the house. In any case, you will get all the facts, details, and terms of the choices that you have so that you can decide what’s right.

Construction loans are short-term loans that only cover the cost of a custom home build. Once the construction is complete, people will then have to apply for a mortgage to pay for the completed property. Fortunately, there are several packages and solutions out there to help you get your construction project moving, including:

  • Construction-Only Loans
  • Construction-to-Permanent Loans
  • Renovation Loans
  • Owner-Builder Loan
  • End Loan

Contact us today to discuss your construction lending needs and find out how we can help you finance your dream home with the perfect solution.

Lenders vs. Banks: What’s the Difference? Does it Matter?

Some home buyers will go to a specific bank or company to request a mortgage directly if they believe that their credit is good enough or if they want to avoid involving a middleman. However, that “middleman” (AKA Galaxy Lending Group) isn’t really in the middle at all—we’re in a slightly different line of work that’s focused on the niche market of mortgage lending, so we have a more dedicated focus than your average bank or credit union that just happens to be offering “low mortgage rate” promos.

Banks often limit the options people have or make them feel somehow pressured to choose their loan, even if there’s a better option. By working with a group like Galaxy, you can ensure that you’re getting a competitive mortgage, refinance, or construction loan for your needs, first and foremost. That’s what sets us apart from the rest.

So, does it matter where your mortgage loan comes from? At the end of the day, not really. As long as you get agreeable terms, you’ll be good to go. Of course, the caveat here is that it’s usually far easier to get better rates and loan options from a lending group than a traditional bank or credit union.

We’ve got access to a network of potential options for all kinds of people who come to us looking for any kind of mortgage lending Arizona has to offer.

Am I Ready for a Mortgage?

Some people still feel like maybe it’s not the right time to buy, or perhaps that they’re not in a good financial position. While a few of those people may be correct, most people just haven’t taken the time to step back and assess where they’re at. If you need help deciding if you’re ready to make this next big financial move, here are some things to keep in mind.

  • How much debt do you already have? Are you drowning in credit cards, car payments, and other expenses? You’ll want to kill off all these extra bills and try to minimize your outgoing income to maximize what you can afford to spend on an Arizona home loan.
  • How is your credit score? This is a big factor in determining what kind of loan you get. Usually, lenders want you to have a score of 650 or higher, but the closer you can get to the top, the better. Some federal lending programs allow for lower credit scores with more lending requirements and restrictions, but that’s not always available to every buyer.
  • Is your job secure? Taking on a mortgage is a big commitment. If you’ve got a job that you can’t rely on to be there for the next 30 years, you might want to reconsider. It’s not that you can’t find another job, but that uncertainty isn’t something that you want on your mind. Make sure that the means of paying your mortgage are secure.
  • Do you have a down payment saved? Before you can buy a home, you need to have 10-20% as a down payment. The more you can pay upfront, the lower your loan amount will be. If you save up enough, you could find impressively affordable mortgages even if your credit is less than perfect.
  • What can you afford? You have to think about what you want in a home compared to what you can actually afford. Know what you want when it comes to buying a home but realize that your “wants” may be limited by your means. If you want a home that’s still out of your budget or payment range, consider waiting until you save more, improve your credit, or get a better job.

These are just a few things to consider if you’re trying to decide if it’s time to get a mortgage. Of course, you don’t have to decide on your own. With the team at Galaxy Lending Group, you’ll get an accurate picture of your financial situation and your capabilities in getting a mortgage or construction loan so that you can get the home you’ve always wanted.

Count on Galaxy Lending Group for All Your Scottsdale Mortgage Lending Needs

As you can see, we’ve got a lot to offer, and we’re eager to show it off. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you get the mortgage, refinance, or construction loan that you need, no matter what you have in mind. In most cases, we can connect people with competitive lending options based on their credit and other financial circumstances. Other lenders don’t do that. Some lenders only give you one offer and that’s it. Not at Galaxy—here, we’re totally transparent because we want you to choose us, and that’s also why we strive to offer some of the best solutions for mortgage lending that Arizona homeowners could ask for.

You’ll enjoy a transparent process, and we’ll take care of all the details, including getting you the one of the lower possible rates and competitive terms for your mortgage loan needs. When you’ve got the benefit of our qualified experts on your side, you’ll enjoy an easy process whether you’re buying, building, or refinancing.

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