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pay for school

Going back to school can be an extremely exciting time. Getting back into the books and having the opportunity to advance or shift your career can completely change your life trajectory. However, while the idea of going back may be a pleasant one, opening up your wallet to pay for tuition is a less welcome… Read More

A for sale sign in the yard of someone selling your home

The start of the pandemic also meant the beginning of many city dwellers flocking to the suburbs. These people sought homes that offered more space and freedom than the apartments they inhabited in the city. As a result, 2020 turned into an excellent seller’s market, with Forbes stating that home sales shot up 26.6% compared to 2019.… Read More

Someone filling out a mortgage application and getting keys to a home

Getting ready to apply for a home mortgage application can be an exciting time. However, not everyone who is getting ready to apply knows what documentation is needed before and during the process. Here are three of the most important things every homeowner needs for proper mortgage application preparation. Get Your Documents in Order Before… Read More

credit card rewards

Today’s world provides everyday consumers with what seems like an endless amount of credit card options. While they all claim to be the best, some are better for you than others. The card best for you will largely depend on your budget and your spending habits. Regardless of the card you choose, most cards these… Read More

Several financial experts out there often recommend refinancing your home, student, and auto loans, along with other types. Refinancing is always sold as something smart to do, and if timed correctly, could save any person thousands of dollars in the long run. But what exactly is refinancing, and when should you do it? We’ve compiled… Read More