Ways Real Estate Can Boost Your Retirement

Ways Real Estate Can Boost Your Retirement  

Are you looking to start setting yourself up for your retirement? There are many ways to boost your retirement income and even help you to have a better retirement plan. One of the ways to charge up your retirement income is to invest in real estate.


What to Know Before Getting Started 

The first step to investing well in real estate is to get educated. This may mean that you have to seek out resources that specialize in teaching how to invest in real estate. It could also be helpful to read a few books on real estate investing and how to get started from step one. Or if you do have some experience all it takes is brushing up a little!


Assessing your capital and your abilities is the next important step. Look into your financial situation, your existing retirement plan and funds, and how the current market is looking when it comes to investing. It is also helpful advice to ensure that the area that you’re investing in is an area that you’re familiar with. Even with the lower economic downturns, properties in good locations will remain strong.


Understanding that it takes a risk is another important factor to consider. Investing in real estate means that you will be paying a multitude of property taxes, making up for lost tenants, or even going months without being able to fill a home or sell a home. This means being smart about your money as a whole and also understanding that it takes a risk to achieve success. Listen to your gut feelings, continue to build on those real estate skills, and be smart about the types of risks you are taking.


Ways Real Estate Can Boost Your Retirement  

The most common practice is to tap the equity in a home. This means selling your home and buying a cheaper one. Doing this will allow you to pocket the difference and use that money to invest in retirement. Also, downsizing allows you to pay off outstanding debts.


One Of the simplest ways to invest in real estate is to have direct ownership of an investment property. This could be as small as a one-bedroom Airbnb or as large as a long term business rental. Either way, some risks, and responsibilities will go along with both.

According to Mark Painter, founder of Everguide Financial Group, one should borrow half of the cost of the investment property, this may be risky but can double what amount has been unvested.


REITs are real estate investment trusts similar to mutual funds and down commercial, residential and other properties. These types of Trusts can produce capital gains and expose you to the estate’s earning potential while reducing your risk and instead of sharing it with others. They are also great for smaller incomes and wanting to take smaller risks with a lower investment minimum and a stable cash flow.


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