Things to Consider When Deciding Where to Live

Things to Consider When Deciding Where to Live

Are you looking to make a move soon? How exciting! There are numerous things to consider when looking to buy a new home. There are numerous things to consider when looking to buy a new home. Not only is the location prominent, but you have to consider how your future location will impact your lifestyle, needs, and finances. Before you make a final decision on where to move, consider looking at these factors to ensure you find the perfect fit.


Have You Done Your Homework?

Crime & Safety – A huge part of deciding where to live is considering how safe the neighborhood is. Look at the stats online. What is the number of occurrences of break-ins, property crimes, and even car theft? You can research the area by using resources like crime reporting websites to guide you. You can even lookup specific cities and states on these websites to get a full report of different crimes that occurs in the area. Avoid the heartache and keep yourself and your loved one safe by choosing the right location. 

Schools are another factor that you should be researching within the area in which you will live. A family needs a reliable and safe school system hey can trust. Start by doing some research on the schools close to the property. What do they look like? Are they well kept? Schedule a day to tour them and ask about the programs available. Be sure to look out for a healthy mix of social, intellectual, and emotional development. Also, you can always attend school board forums to get a feel for how the school board makes decisions. 


Location Location Location 

Distance from work- This also may be one important thing to consider when deciding where to live. The distance from your new home to work can be a drastic money saver or expense. If your home is far away from your work and you know you will not be commuting by bus or train, consider living closer. The environment and your wallet will thank you with fewer carbon emissions and less money spent on gas. 

Parks & rec areas- Accessibility to Parks and recreation areas are critical when choosing a location for several reasons. These can be escapes for you after a hard day. It is always good to get out in the sunshine and get some activity in, especially for kids who need to let off some pent-up energy! If you are new to the area, spaces such as an outdoor rec area or even a dog park can be a perfect place to meet new people and socialize. Look into what parks are around your new home and whether they look safe, clean, and, most of all, fun! 

Weather– Are you more of a winter or summer person? Well, this is important to consider when choosing where to live! You must ask yourself and your family if you are all alright with extreme changes in the season, requiring you to shovel your driveway and deal with freezing temperatures. Or you can do what those snowbirds do and choose a more topical and desert climate. Although summer may be torture, the rest of the year is bliss! 


Know Your Neighbors

Political views- Having a difference of opinion between people is quite normal and natural in any neighborhood. However, if you don’t enjoy getting involved or arguing over political issues, try to look up the predominant political views of the area. If you feel you will have more things in common with people who follow your beliefs, consider this factor when you move. Or maybe you crave a little variety, and political views are of no consequence. Either way, it is nice to know where others around you may stand.

Family v.s. Working v.s. College town- On this note, it’s also vital to consider the types of culture your home has to offer, as well as the demographics. Are you looking for a calm, family-oriented neighborhood with many schools and children running about as you start or grow your family? Or maybe you’re focused on your job and want to be more in the city with the hustle and bustle of those working alongside you. Even consider the level of education around your new home, is it more of a college town with a younger demographic? All of these factors can affect how you fit into these different lifestyles, so consider where your needs fall. 


What’s It Worth?

Taxes- Taxes vary from state to state, with California and Hawaii being at the highest. Specifically, the highest property tax belongs to Illinois and New Hampshire. Looking at types of taxes and even various state taxes is also important when deciding where you live. Consider how much will be taken out of your paycheck when picking where you will settle. 

Future of the home- This is something to keep in mind when finding your home. Are you planning a quick move where you will only be there for a couple of years? Or are you looking for your forever home? Considering the timeline, how long you would like to stay in your home can help you when making decisions for financing and possible future refinancing. At Galaxy Lending Group, we can help guide you with rates and options perfect for any potential homeowner.