Mortgage Payment

There are many choices available when shopping for a mortgage loan, and the average first time home-buyer could easily become overwhelmed. It’s important to understand the differences between the two types of mortgage loans: Conventional and FHA (Federal Housing Authority), with four different factors to consider on either type of loan.… Read More

An extra precaution many of us take is getting our credit score to qualify for a more desired interest rate. Much like a sale price, the interest plays just as big of a role in the cost of your newly discovered house. An interest rate is a fee that you pay your bank, and the… Read More

It only takes one major financial setback or life-altering event to trigger a mortgage payment problem, even if you’ve proven you’re capable of being responsible with money. Some examples of this is, you or your spouse losing a job, divorce, or a debilitating illness that limits the number of hours you are able to work.… Read More