Six Useful Tips For Having A Successful Yard Sale

Arizona’s springtime is the perfect time of year, and you know what that means—lots of outdoor activities and yard sales! Tis the season for spring cleaning and neighborhoods full of yard sales and amazing deals to be found.

It’s time to clear out all of your old or unused items in your house and make room for the new! Whether you’re a first-timer or possibly an old pro, here are six useful tips for having an awesome yard sal

1. Your first tip is to assess your location.

Before even thinking about collecting your items and pricing them, survey where you’ll be setting everything up. If you’re in a good area where there is a lot of foot traffic, then you are probably in good shape…marketing-wise. If you’re off the beaten path, make sure that you put up posters and forewarn people online using outlets like Craigslist and YardSaleSearch. If you have any big-ticket items, make sure to mention them.

2. If possible, avoid any holiday weekend.

Memorial Day weekend may sound perfect on paper…plenty of activity and extra family around to help out. However, all the cookouts or activities going on usually mean people have other plans other than hitting up yard sales. With all the activity during a holiday weekend, it may cut down your potential customers. Save time and effort and just avoid these times.

3. This might be a no-brainer; it is most wise to keep all animals inside your home.

No matter how trained and kind-hearted your dog or pet may be, there are people who become quite nervous around animals. Plus, keeping an eye on the pet during the whole event will become very difficult and will take away your attention from the purpose of the whole day. Do yourself and everyone else a favor and leave the animals inside.

4. It’s extremely important to stay organized.

There’s nothing more inconvenient than having to sort through bins full of items looking for mismatched things. For a smooth sale, make it easy on your customers and think logically while you lay and position your items. If you have sets, make sure you bag, or tape them together to make the process easy on you and the customer. The ultimate goal is for them to buy something from you, and the percent of that happening will rise if you keep your yard sale organized.

5. Be smart about pricing, not stingy.

The common rule is to price items at around a third of the price that they were brand new…and that’s just a starting place. Another thing you need to take in account is how desirable the item may be to a stranger. For example, if you’re trying to get rid of old (but super expensive) college textbooks, don’t assume someone will be willing to pay a full third for them. On the other hand, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

6. If possible, double-check everything and anything.

Look for items and money left in jackets, pants, etc. Or receipts left in bags. Also, be courteous and ask with any owners of the items you are selling to make sure they’re okay with it. That worn blanket or stuffed animal may have some sentimental value attached to it.

These are the six tips for having a successful yard sale. From all of us at Galaxy Lending Group, we wish you a prosperous spring season in Arizona filled with plenty of yard sales.