Setting Up the Perfect At-Home Classroom

As we adjust to the “new normal” one of the biggest concerns is how these changes will impact our children. While some adults quickly adapted to remote working, kids are having a harder time adjusting. Learning full time in a space that used to be only for relaxing, can be challenging so we have put together a few ways to set your kids up for success in an at-home classroom.

Pick the Perfect Spot(s)

Having a dedicated “school spot” will help kids differentiate times when they should be focusing on schoolwork vs playing. It is ideal to have a spot with lots of natural lighting, away from distractions, but also close enough to be able to check-in from time to time. Some may find that having dedicated rooms per child/adult can help limit social distractions during work or school study time.

It is also helpful to create a space where everything they need for their studies is close at hand. If they have to get up to grab extra paper or pencils, they might not come back. The same goes for snacks. Having a few healthy snacks close at hand will (hopefully) prevent kids from sneaking into the kitchen when they are hungry.

Have a Schedule 

Kids generally work best with a routine which is why school structures are so structured. Keep that going when they are learning at home. Have a schedule written down somewhere they can easily access so they know what to expect day-to-day. Include time for lunch, snacks, “recess”, and other small breaks. Most kids do not have experience in sitting and focusing for much longer than 50-60 minutes.

Manage Distractions

Whether it’s investing in noise-canceling headphones, ensuring all tech items are turned off and or out of eyeshot, or utilizing a low traffic space, there are several ways to limit the number of distractions for your at-home student. At the same time, many kids aren’t used to working in a completely silent environment. There is noise and chatter and movement in the classroom. So maybe instead of noise-canceling headphones, play some calming music or white noise. Find out how your kiddo works best and adapt.

Be Flexible

All kids are different with different learning methods and ideal environments. Talk to your child, assess how their new at-home classroom is working for them, and adapt as needed. The beauty of learning from home is finding a rhythm that works well for them as an individual. This is a learning experience for everyone so don’t feel like you need to stick to something that isn’t working for your at-home-student.

Being in a space that can be conducive to both learning and playing can be difficult. Maybe you have found that you need more space? Galaxy Lending Group can help work with you to find out what your options are for upgrading your home/workspace/school. Check out our website on how we can help make the new “normal” the new favorite normal.