How to Find the Right Real Estate Agent for You

Selling your home is a lot of work. Having the right real estate agent for you, your family, and your house is essential to making the process as smooth of sailing as possible. Real estate agents help make smart decisions, do the research, and help you avoid costly mistakes. With so many options available, knowing what you expect from an agent can set you up for success at the beginning of the process.


How to find a real estate agent

Ask friends and coworkers for referrals in your area, look up websites and online profiles of potential agents, read about their experience, success, and specialties, and see if they have previous reviews or testimonials. Choose three to five real estate agents who stand out to you and set up an interview.


Ask questions about their background, experience, training, their track record, and what makes them a good candidate to work with. Understand that an agent’s role may differ, as some can represent both the buyer and the seller in the same deal, so asking whether your agent represents your interests through the entire process is essential.


Price range

Most times, the seller pays the real estate agent commission, with the listing agent splitting the buyer’s agent. A typical real estate commission is 5% of the sales price, but their varies based on the market and state-to-state. You, as the seller, may be able to negotiate a lower rate, but agents may not be willing to budge on the commission. This is something to discuss when deciding on what real estate agent is right for you and your budget.


Take the first step

Overall, comparing agents’ experience, rapport, and success can help determine which real estate agent is right for you. Getting preapproved through Galaxy Lending Group for a mortgage provides you with the maximum amount you can borrow, therefore helping you stick to homes in the right price range and shows that you are a serious and viable buyer.  If you have any questions when it comes to selling your home, getting a loan, or determining what real estate agent is ideal for you, speak with one of our experts today.