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Tired of Renting? Advantages in owning.
Military loans are out there too.
Market’s steady right now.
Interest rates are really low!
Take advantage if you can & it’s right for you!!
Harold shares his views on reverse mortgages and some common misconceptions.

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Renovation Loans – Harold explains a current program out there that allows homeowners to finance projects.

Loans can be based on the future value of the home with the renovation.

**Add a pool, an extra room or update your kitchen**

Call Harold’s office at 602-595-1233

Sabrina – Her daughter just graduated from college and she and her husband want her to buy a home after landing a solid job. She has a car payment now, but doesn’t have enough credit to purchase. What should she tell her daughter to do?
Recommendation – Build up her credit history. Secured credit card….continued into the next segment.

Listen to Galaxy Lending Group’s appearance on 9/27/14-Segment 3
continued from the last segment….a discussion on first time homeownership.

Upgrading and painting around your home?

Use PPG or Glidden paint, click here!
Harold shares how to build good credit and there’s good news on those with foreclosures or short closes in your history.

If you’ve been out of the market, even recently, it’s time to check again.

Listen to Galaxy Lending Group’s appearance on 1/10/15 – Segment 3


  • Ann – She has two closets she wants to lock in a rental property. They’re both sliding closet doors and she wants to know if it’s possible and who can do it?

Recommendation – Install a “flush bolt” on the wooden set of doors, but Scottsdale Lock & Key might have an idea on the mirrored doors.

Harold Perkins with the Galaxy Lending Group joins us to clarify some remarks by the President concerning “home mortgage insurance” and what it could mean to you.

  • Lower Monthly Payments
  • Recent Bankruptcy?

The overall industry is looking great! Get in the market if you can!


  • Josh – He has a clear caulk on the side of his home, but he wants to paint and it won’t hold paint on the spots with this clear sealer.

Continuing with Josh’s question on removing the silicon to be able to paint on his stucco wall…..if he can’t remove it, try using a textured elastomeric caulk to cover over the clear silicon and paint on that surface instead.

Listen to Galaxy Lending Group’s appearance on 1/24/15 – Segment 3

  • Interest Rates are LOW LOW LOW!
  • Insurance Rates and fees Are LOW TOO!


  • Patrick – His Father-In-Law just passed away and he was in the middle of building a home.  The flooring is not done yet and he wants to know if it’s worth spending the money to finish the flooring or just leave it for the new owner’s?

Recommendation – He needs to talk to a realtor he trusts first. Rosie thinks it might be a good idea, but there are pros and cons he needs to sort out with a trusted realtor.

  • Page – He wants recommendations on treating and sealing his granite counter-top.

Recommendation – Yes! He needs to seal it and he can call Aztec Marble, Granite and Interiors.

Listen to Galaxy Lending Group’s appearance on 5/16/15 – Segment 3

Arizona’s housing market is booming and it’s officially a seller’s market!

  • Home sales jumped 39 percent in one month, from February to March while overall listings are down.
  • 1st time home buyer’s and “boomerang buyer’s (lost homes in the crash and they’re back in the market) are driving sales.
  • Interest rates are creeping up and we’ll follow up with Harold Perkins with Galaxy Lending Group soon for more on what that could mean to you.
  • Experts are predicting an increase of 5 percent increase in home values in 2015
  • KTAR Engineer, Breanne Bullis joins the show to talk about her experiences trying to purchase a new home.
  • Getting Pre-Approval financing is key with so many buyers out there!
  • Know what your looking for, so you can jump on the home that fits your needs.

Listen to Galaxy Lending Group’s appearance on 10/10/15

Harold Perkins from Galaxy Lending Group stops by to give us an update on the mortage and home lending industry, plus we’ll take your questions!

  • We have fun talking about Harold’s hockey hobby and other sports.
  • On topic, the federal interest rates and the recent events guiding the decision on keeping rates the same after months of speculation they would rise in September.
  • The current average rates for home loans.
  • Home sales and Home renovations are up.
  • Rent is increasing too.

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