City or Country Living: Which is right for you?

It is an age-old question. Are you a city person, or do you like the country? Maybe a little in between? Some people grow up in back country towns, dreaming of a life in the city, and others tend to stick to their roots! But what does that mean for you when you are buying a property? 

Arizona Living 

Here in the valley of Arizona, we have a unique opportunity. No matter where you live, whether you are in the heart of Scottsdale, or on the outskirts in Cave Creek, you are always within 30 minutes of just about anything, making the Phoenix area a great place to live for just about anybody! (That is if you can stand the heat!)

City Living

City dwellers enjoy the amenities of convenience and opportunity. Living in the hub of “hustle and bustle” is perfect for people who enjoy fast-living. You can get anything you want at any time of the day. It is easy to meet people and find group activities to do that are convenient and right down the street. Foodies have a never-ending choice of new restaurants to choose from and socialites will always have a new event to attend. City goers also tend to mind their attire on a day-to-day basis. Seeing someone checking out at the grocery store in sweatpants and their old high school track T-shirt is hard to find!

The downsides: The cost of living in the city is an extremely important factor. Affording an apartment in the city with low square footage and double or even triple what you may find outside of the city. Not to mention, the city lifestyle often includes spending money to have fun as dinners, shows, and events, can add up quickly.  If you have your heart set on the city, but don’t think you can afford it, consider looking in a different neighborhood near the city to save some money on rent!

Suburban Living

Suburbia is the in-between. Not quite the city, but not quite the country either. Living in a suburban area typically means you are always about a 5-10 minute drive away from any restaurant and any shopping center you need! Unlike city living, a car is now a necessity but no more public transportation, which is the trade-off. Suburbia typically appeals to those who are looking to start settling down to raise a family. 

The downsides: If you are not already established in your city with family and friends, it can feel a bit isolating. You may find yourself putting money towards an HOA, which is very common in the valley. Suburban homes are great for someone looking for a more permanent option.

Country Living

As you get further away from the “hustle and bustle” of a city, you will notice that constant street noise of cars, construction, and leaf blowers are replaced with late-night crickets, chirping birds, and wind. The quiet of the country screams “slow down!” There are more stars in the sky than you have ever seen before! Your neighbor might be half a mile or more down the road, and you might get to know everyone in your town by running into them at the store, the local watering hole or from community gatherings. The cost of living is much cheaper than living in the city, and you may find yourself saving money by finding more things to do with family or in your community that cost almost nothing! You may find your home to be larger, with more breathing room, and some spare change to build on your own amenities! 

The downsides: Sometimes, the quiet can be deafening.  Food delivery can be rare or non-existent. Patience is a virtue. There are many long drives into the city to get something that isn’t available in town. Unless you work in the rural town that you live in, the commutes into town are even more regular and long, taking more time out of the day just to drive into the city. If you are someone who prefers the simple life, and a little bit more manual labor, the country life might be just perfect for you!

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