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The worst part? You can’t touch that money for years or possibly decades. Retirement may sound like an eternity away from the present, and the topic may seem quite boring when you’re currently in prime time of your life with too many costly desires to count, but consider changing your attitude because it can help… Read More

It only takes one major financial setback or life-altering event to trigger a mortgage payment problem, even if you’ve proven you’re capable of being responsible with money. Some examples of this is, you or your spouse losing a job, divorce, or a debilitating illness that limits the number of hours you are able to work.… Read More

It’s time to clear out all of your old or unused items in your house and make room for the new! Whether you’re a first-timer or possibly an old pro, here are six useful tips for having an awesome yard sal… Read More

Necessary or unplanned, financial emergencies happen. Or maybe you’re looking to make a big purchase; there are multiple reasons on why it may be necessary to take out a loan. Find out when it’s more than reasonable for a new loan to occur.… Read More

Here are 10 key questions we recommend that you ask when it comes to applying for a mortgage. These won’t ensure the best mortgage loan you can dream of, but these will help and ensure that you are getting the best deal out there. If you have already chosen your lender and are getting ready… Read More

Some lenders charge borrowers so-called “junk fees” such as application or administrative type charges. These aren’t really junk, just additional fixed fees a lender has the latitude to charge although not all do so. Applied less frequently and calculated as a percentage of a total loan amount, some lenders charge an upfront “origination fee” for… Read More